Why Is Your Website Not Converting Enough?

Are you tired and frustrated that your website is not bringing in the leads and the sales that it should? In other words, is it not converting enough? If that is the case, this could be happening due to many factors and as much as you feel like ‘why my business?’ know that this is something that is really common for most businesses, until they figure out what they are doing wrong and rectify it. Take it up as a challenge rather than getting discouraged by it and giving up on it and work towards achieving the result that you want to see. Here are some helpful tips from us to get you going along the way.

Is Your Website Visible Enough?

One of the main reasons why you may not be getting enough conversion through your website is obviously because it is not visible enough. When people don’t notice your website how will they actually browse it and order your products and services? Use strategies like PPC services that will give your site more visibility and make sure that you have optimized the site well. When it comes to pay per click advertising you will not be losing out on anything because you will only be paying for the right traffic that comes into your website and you will definitely make more revenue than you are right now. Optimizing your website in terms of Search Engine Optimization will make it come within the first page of search results when somebody types in the right keywords making more people come on to your site.

Is Your Website Too Complicated To Use?

Another factor that can cause your potential customers to actually exit before they become customers is the complexity of the website. When they get on to the landing page, the navigation on that page and around the site should be very simple and easy to understand. Ideally you should have a route map of the navigation on top of each page so that your viewers know where exactly they are on the site and how they can get back to the Home page. On top of that you should also make sure that the website does not take minutes to load, it should load completely within seconds and you will need a very good hosting service for this. You should also make sure that the site does not freeze up or stop responding in between browsing. Because there is so much option around people shop for not just products and services but also for convenience, if they feel that what you are giving them is not convenient enough for them, they will simply move on to your competitor.

How Many Clicks Do They Have To Get Through?

Always implement minimal amount of clicks for the checkout. Nobody wants to have to click ten times and pay for what they are buying when there are sites that allow you to do the same in just two or three clicks at the most.


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