Website Issues That Drive Away Customers

Creating a site that delivers on usability and appeal is not difficult because of the subject matter that is involved in it so much as the competition that you are going up against. With digital media coming to the forefront as the go-to marketing method that is preferred by companies both big and small, it has become really clear that the customer markets are divided between so many brands that put up a tight competition every single day. Therefore the minute that you make a mistake and start getting behind your customers will break away from your brand. Here are some mistakes that you could be doing unintentionally on your digital media that will drive your customers away.

Too Much Information That They Do Not Need

Don’t give your customers too much information and especially things that they will not need. What you should be looking at is creating a personalized user experience for your customers based on the shopping choices that they make online. For example, if somebody is browsing for gardening equipment do not show them something to do with beauty. Have the right mechanisms in place that can give only the right information to each client. Think about having a responsive website design. For example, somebody looking for a dress should only see details pertaining to what they are adding to their cart, suggestions of other similar dresses and perhaps accessories that would complete the look. Do not spam the user with things, they will exit the page.

Too Many Clicks Spoil the Soup

People shop online because it saves them time. If they have jump through ten clicks to get to their checkout they will turn to a supplier who can give them exactly what you give them but in just two clicks. Make the buying process as easy as you can. For this, you need to keep your basic design rather simple and only keep the relevant information available on the site. The more complicated your designing gets and the more aspects that you try to link to your site, the more clicks that your customers will have to go through to get what they want.

Lack of Safety and Security

One of the most common issues that customers who shop online regularly face is the potential risk of getting their accounts and credit cards hacked into. You have to make sure that you use the best possible security and only use a payment method that is verified and assures safety for your payments. If a customer experiences anything unpleasant you will be held responsible for it. Because of this reason it is also good to have contact numbers and customer service available so that customers can directly talk with somebody in the company if they have any concerns. If your customers feel that they are getting a safe, secure and responsible service from you, they will not only shop for you but will also recommend you to their friends and families. These are some of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid when planning out your site designing.


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