Ways to Maximize Your Office Space

When you started having your own space for your business and you started having people work for you, you want to maximize the space for increased efficiency and productivity. If your staffs are also content, they would less likely to leave you saving you time and money from hiring new employees.

Even if the space you could afford is smaller than what you need, the space could still serve you well if you would use it wisely.

Plan Ahead

The first thing you have to do is to plan ahead. Planning before designing would help you envision how the space would look like and how you would be able to fit everything. For some idea on how you could efficiently and aesthetically pleasingly design your office space, look for inspiration via innovate us projects and have a blueprint of the space ready before you start ordering furniture, office equipment, decorations, etc. You have to be constantly aware of how much space you have so you don’t end up ordering and buying too much.

Measure Right

In accordance to planning ahead, you have to have the right and exact measurements. Buying tables? Make sure that the table would fit the space where you plan it to put. If you are off by several feet or meters, it would throw your whole design off no matter how much you plan it ahead of time.

Everything Should Serve a Double Purpose

When you buy any office furniture, make sure it would serve a double purpose. For example, a coffee table that is also a magazine rack or an ottoman that could also serve as magazine rack. If a space could also serve a double purpose, all the better. A big conference room with a built in sliding partition to divide the space into two smaller meeting rooms or a waiting room or guest hall that could be converted into an executive office when a VIP unexpectedly dropped by for a visit.

Organize Everything

If everything is in its place and everything is organized, there would be less clutter and the space would look bigger than it really is. Have compartments in drawers to segregate and combine smaller items together. An office that is organized would also minimize the time employees spend on looking for stationery or files. Their time is better spent performing their daily tasks and responsibilities.

Out of Sight, Out Of Mind

One of the ways you could maximize space is if you manage to hide things that would not be used on a daily basis. Have a laminating machine but would only be used during preparation of month end reports? Hide it in a cupboard or drawer first. Your extension cords, chargers, equipment and machines’ cables should also be hidden from sight to avoid any accidental tripping and to make your office look more organized.

A well-organized office would not only look more professional, it would drive more client to the business as well since customers would be impressed at how much you take the time to organize even the small things.


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