Tips to Plan a Corporate Event

When you know the right steps to make, planning a corporate event will not look as stressful and time-consuming as it seems. So, if your work place has an important event coming up that you need to plan, here are some tips to make your task easier.

Get to Know the Event

Before everything else, you need to know what kind of programme you will be planning. You will need to find out the details such as the date of the programme, at what time should it start, what is the exact occasion or why are you planning the programme and how many people will be attending. This will help you with the rest of the planning such as deciding avenue and informing others to attend the programme.

Plan A Budget

Once you have all the details about the programme, set up a budget. If you are fully in charge of the planning process, then setting up the budget is one of your responsibilities. If not, you have to ask the people in charge how much they are planning to spend for the programme. You will need to think of the expenses you need for venues, catering and entertainment if you need any. Keep in mind to allocate a little more than your estimated amount in case you need to spend for any emergencies.

Find a Venue

Once you know the date, time and the number of people who will come for the event, you can start deciding on a venue. You also need to ask them if they will provide catering or if they allow catering from outside. You can easily set up the event at a space such as corporate event space at United Co. where you will be provided with all the technical facilities as well as a large space to accommodate a lot of guests.

Decide a Menu

Whether your venue provides catering or whether you are bringing caterers from outside, you need to talk to the caterers and decide on a menu. Your menu depends on the theme or the type of the event. For example, you need to decide on one menu for a cocktail party and another if it is a dinner party. If this is an event where you will only need light refreshments, your menu will be entirely different. Inform these details to the caterers early so you can make changes if necessary.

Send the Invitations

Your invitations have to include all the details about the event to the guests. This includes not only the time, place and the date of the event, but also matters such as what kind of a programme it will be, are there any speakers attending and if so, who are they, what is the dress code for the day, and if necessary, details about accommodation as well.

Once you complete these tasks, your event planning is complete. Make sure you start the planning process early so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps or missing minor details at the last minute.



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