Tips for Keeping Your Australian Home Safe from Intruders

The home is the safest place we know. Unfortunately, even in relatively safe Aussie cities, homes are vulnerable to theft, invasions, and minor break-ins. securing the home should be a priority for any homeowner. Here are several tips that will help you in the process:

Lock the Front Door

Don’t make intruding into your home easy for criminals. Some homeowners feel safe in their suburbs so much, they don’t even lock the front door. Don’t assume that all thieves go directly for the windows. An intruder may realise the front door is unlocked and might just walk in. Therefore, install a hard-to-break lock on the front door, and make a habit of keeping it locked at all times.

Install and Alarm System

Invest in one of the top-end security systems Melbourne to professionally secure your home against intruders, thieves, burglars, and other unwanted characters. A digitized modern alarm system offers many perks, including CCTV cameras that can record footage and stream it to a handheld device. Even when you are not home, a home security plan would protect your property and valuables. Plus, alarms and cameras also act as deterrents that scare off would-be burglars.

Buy a Fireproof Safe for Your Valuables

Have precious jewellery, metals, cash, or documents you need to keep at home? Don’t make the mistake of hiding your valuables in “unusual” places. Don’t assume that a burglar would assume the same and start searching all the nooks and corners of the house. Also, the places you find unusual may not be so for your small child or pet. More importantly, a house fire or a similar calamity could destroy your valuables strewn everywhere. To prevent being easily found or being burnt to a crisp, store your valuables in a fireproof safe.

Don’t Conspicuously Display Valuable Items

Own a valuable painting you really want to show off? Make sure you are showing it off to the right people, such as your guests, and not the burglars who might be prowling in the neighbourhood. If you have very valuable items in your home like artwork or antiques, don’t overtly display them. In particular, keep displays strictly indoors and away from the windows. Don’t point it out to the thieves which homes are worth robbing.

Check the Security of All Doors and Windows

When was the last time you checked how well a second storey bathroom window locked? To keep intruders away, make sure all the window locks are highly secure as well. If your home is quite old, you may need to upgrade the locks.

Keep Sheds and Garages Highly Secure

Did you know that thieves often target outdoor sheds or garages rather than the house itself? Breaking into a garage is easy because most homeowners don’t bother to properly secure it. It’s also never really occupied so the thief goes undetected. A thief may get into a garage and then move into the house from there. To prevent this type of situation, make sure that exterior parts of the house are well secured and no one can get in, even accidentally.

Follow the above security tips to protect your home from criminals. Remember always, safety comes first.


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