Things To Know If You’re A First Time Banner Advertiser

A business has to be promoted frequently to get the most out of it. It has to be taken on creative journeys called advertising in a repetitive manner. Banner-advertising is one such way of advertising your business. But, even preparing a banner can be a daunting task for a new businessman, at least for the first few times. Here are some useful tips and important points you should keep in mind when advertising your business through banners, especially if your business is based in Melbourne.

Applications Have To Be Submitted To Get Permission To Display Banners

Obviously, you can’t just go and display a banner in the middle of Melbourne city just because you feel like it. You need to submit an application at least 12 months prior to the date you’re hoping to do the promotion. You can submit applications four months prior to the event as well, but it’s advisable to not get your hopes up as the sites you requested could be already allocated by this time. It’s always sensible to apply earlier as possible to avoid potential disappointments.

The Artwork Of The Banner Should Promote The Event Associated With It

You are only allowed to display your company name, logo, or any other extended wordings using a maximum of 10% of the whole banner. And these should be placed at the bottom of the banner.

If The Banners Get Dirty, You Will Be Charged For Cleaning Purposes

It’s always prudent to go for black, navy blue and other dark colours when designing your banners as they don’t show up stains whereas selecting lighter shades such as white, yellow or beige would show up the stained patches of your banners even at a distance which would only get you an additional cost.

Designs Must Be Approved Prior To Production

Designs of promotional banners in Melbourne should be sent for approval at least six weeks prior to the proposed installation date. Getting approval is a must even if these banners are used previously. You will receive feedback on any alterations that you have to do within five days after you submit the design.

You Have To Sign A Letter Of Agreement To Secure The Booking

Once you accept the allocation offered to you, you are required to complete a letter of agreement and send it before your booking is considered as confirmed.

Cancellations Have To Be Notified In Writing

Cancellations have to be notified six weeks before to the agreed installation date. You will be charged 50% of the pre-agreed amount if you fail to notify before six weeks.

Banners are an excellent method of promoting your business, and when they are used the right way, you could gain more popularity toward your business than you thought possible in the first place. Be sure to hire a trustworthy professional who has a thorough knowledge of these guidelines to avoid unnecessary expenses and to get the best out of this promotion.


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