Take Your Sex Life to a Higher Level with These 4 Tips

Being in a relationship is just like being in a team. Both people are working together to develop their relationship as well as themselves. There are so many aspects involved in a relationship – from trust, passion and also sex. Whether or not you have a great sex life with your partner, it is still essential to discover more about it and take it to another level. Being experimental in sex isn’t bad; it only means that you’re willing to discover more and still think about the sexy potential of your partner.

Stepping up your sex life doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, here are 4 tips that could help you and your partner take it to the higher level.

Introduce Toys

The usual stimulation is great when your partner knows where the right spots you like. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you try and incorporate sex toys in the bedroom. It just adds to the excitement especially if you haven’t tried it before yet. Sex toys come in different styles depending on your preferences. From the simple vibrator, anal beads, cock rings and more exciting ones like floggers and restraints. Aside from the extra hotness it brings to the bedroom, a quick trip to an adult super store is a truly exciting experience for both you and your partner.


Who said masturbation is just for singles? Masturbation actually helps a lot in spicing up your desire with your partner. It helps you discover more about your sexual self while craving more of your partner. Knowing your pleasure points is one of the keys to hotter sex because you can easily communicate how you’re receiving the pleasure your partner is giving to you and vice versa.

Change the Routine

Most couples in a long-term relationship usually fall into a sexual pattern where they think or feel that everything just got boring. This is just a normal stage in a relationship and there’s an easy way to break this negative pattern. Simply switch up the usual routine you have in sex and it really works great changes. If you’re having sex on regular times of the week, switch it up by having more spontaneous sex instead to bring back the excitement. You may also want to try having sex every single day in a month to fuel up your sexual desire on each other.

Spend More Time on Foreplay

Spending more time on foreplay is an important ingredient to hotter sex life. Sure having quickies from time to time is exciting but there are times when couples just get down straight to business and just focus on achieving orgasm. Taking time to caress, kiss and cuddle with each other helps couples reconnect sexually with their partner, taking things slow and more exciting just like what it was like when it was still at the beginning of the relationship.

There’s nothing wrong if you think you and your partner’s sex life has gotten boring. It only means that you acknowledge the problem so both of you can work together to spice things up just like before.


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