Suffering in a Noisy Neighbourhood? Top Tips for Soundproofing Your Home

The urban life in Australia offers many benefits, but there are caveats too, like sound pollution. If you live in a crowded apartment building or a neighbourhood, the constant noisiness will disrupt your sleep and peace of mind. There’s not much you can do about eliminating noises originating from outside your home. But you can make your home a lot more soundproof. Here are several tips for keeping annoying noises away from your home:

Install Secure Windows or Shutters

Noises can seep in through open doors and windows. If the windows have tiny holes that you can’t see, that can bring the outside noises inside. You can eliminate this problem by buying security roller shutters Melbourne with certifiable noise reduction features. Windows or shutters with high insulation and bushfire protection qualities can also naturally reduce noise levels that creep in. Use secure shutters to prevent urban sound pollution from entering your home.

Install Soundproofing Panels

One of the most popular ways to insulate a home or a room from noise is installing soundproofing panels. Most music studios have these panels to isolate sound and prevent outside sounds from pouring in. For studio-grade soundproofing in your home, you will need acoustic sound deadening panels. There are cheaper soundproofing panelling options as well. You can buy soundproofing panels in a variety of colours to match the interior of your home.

Have More Soft Surfaces in Your Home

Sound bounces off hard surfaces, making it reverberate around the house. But soft surfaces absorb sound waves. If you have more soft surfaces in your home, it’s less likely to suffer from noise issues. You can soundproof rooms to a certain extent using softer materials. For example, carpeted or padded floors are great for reducing sound levels. Acoustic ceilings also prevent sound from bouncing around. You can also consider using sound-reduction curtains at windows.

Buy Quiet Appliances

The noisiness of your home can be amplified by things in the house. Other than the TV, appliances certainly increase the noise level. You can tackle this problem by buying quieter appliances that don’t generate as much noise. Look for sound reduction features when you purchase things like washing machines, dishwashers, and blenders. Appliances won’t be completely quiet, but you can look for desirable levels of noise reduction.

Install Ceiling Panels

Even if your doors and windows are sealed, sound can come in through the ceilings. Ceiling panels can prevent this problem. Certain brands offer acoustic ceiling panels with the purpose of keeping noises away or in. For higher levels of sound reduction, you can opt for acoustic ceiling tiles or drop-ceiling systems.

Get a Door with a Solid Core

Sound can enter a home depending on the type of door you have. Doors have either a solid core or a hollow core. Hollow core doors are constructed like drums, and like the musical instrument, can make sound waves bounce off and easily enter your home. Solid core doors are more sound resistant. Therefore, if you want a quieter home, install solid core doors.

Follow the above tips to enjoy peace and quiet in your own home when you live in a noisy neighbourhood.



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