Simple Principles To Keep In Mind If You Want To Become A DJ

Have you ever been asked to volunteer to DJ at your high school or for your elementary dance? Do you have the natural talent to read the crowd and get people going and have exceptionally good skills are picking the right music at the right time? As a DJ you are not just supposed to play music and make people dance and have fun but part of the DJ’s responsibility is to take the crowd on a journey with their music. This means partially having control of a crowd’s emotions, such as taking the crowd higher and lower at intervals and so on. Here are some basic principles behind being a great DJ.

Collection Of Music

Before you can even attempt to begin playing music anywhere, it is crucial to have a large collection of music in your music library well ahead of time. If you are not planning on taking any requests from the audience, then the general rule of thumb is to have enough music to play at the event plus an additional hour or two more in case certain music stops to work then you have additional songs to fall back on. Ideally, one hour would have approximately 12 to 20 songs. If you plan on taking requests, it’s good to have the Billboard Top 100 charts for the last 3 to 5 years in order to be prepared.

Type Of Music

When you are ready with your music and feel like you can accept your first event, make sure to ask the event manager or coordinator the type of music they would like to have played. This is to ensure that the appropriate music is played for the venue and the people and everyone has a good time. For example, if it is a Valentine’s Day Dance, you may want to take some slow songs. Be prepared with different styles of music however, so that in case you want to change things up or the crowd starts requesting for different music, you will be able to do so. The equipment that you choose such as wireless speakers will give out great sounds to a smaller crowd while bigger woofers and speakers may be needed for larger crowds.

Art Of Reading The Crowd

As a DJ it is vital to keep the crowd going at all times, and this is something that you will have naturally in you or something you would have to develop over time with experience. The basic idea is that for example; if a certain genre X brings the crowd to the dance floor and you can see that they are clearly enjoying it but if you play a song from a genre Y and the dance floor empties, you would simply have to play more songs of genre X to keep the crowd going. This is a crucial concept and one that many DJ’s fail to take notice of because they fail to keep an eye of the flow of the dance floor. It also helps to know what type of audience you are playing to.


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