How to Manage Your Waste and Dust When You’re Doing Home Renovations

Thinking of doing a home renovation project yourself, but worried about all that dust and garbage? Don’t be! Here are a few useful tips to follow.


Make Arrangements to Hire a Bin for the Duration of the Project

No, we are not talking about the ordinary bins that we use in day to day life. Instead, we are talking about hiring a skip bin or two (depending on the size of your home renovations project), for the purpose of collecting your garbage. Most bin hiring companies also offer the service of removing construction rubbish, so do a thorough search until you find suitable rubbish removal and skip bin hire services at Preston to make your life easier. Remember, this does not mean you won’t need garbage bags and cleaning products, so stock up on those as well.

Always Think Twice Before Embarking On a Task That Will Promote Dust and Garbage

Plan your renovation project before you start on it. Try your best to avoid unnecessarily drilling things (especially walls), which will inevitably cause a mess for you to clean up. If you need to saw wood, which also will cause a mess, consider doing it outdoors, where it’s easier to clean up. It’s actually best if you can get that professionally done at a workshop to avoid the mess entirely.


Do Your Best to Avoid the Unnecessary Spreading Of Dust around Your Home

Most professionals nowadays use plastic walls around their construction or renovation sites. This not only keeps the equipment safe from weather, it also protects the rest of your home getting dusty and grimy. If possible, wear a specific pair of shoes at the messed up are of your home, and remove them off before entering the cleaner parts of your home. Using newspaper or foil to cover the floors can seem futile, but in fact actually help with projects such as painting the walls or varnishing the ceiling.


Have an End of Each Day Clean Up Plan

If you do the general cleaning of your home, you will know that not allowing dust and messes to settle, and taking care of it every day actually helps a great deal to control the messiness of your home. Likewise, make a plan so that you clean up and tidy up your work area at the end of each day. Even simple things like sweeping the floors free of dust, lightly mopping the floors, or even collecting the garbage you’ve accumulated throughout the day have a great impact when it comes to controlling the dust and garbage of your project.

Use a Professional Service to Deep Clean Your Home at the End of Your Projects

At the end of your project, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back, and call a professional cleaning service to visit your home. Get them to do a deep cleaning of your home, including cleaning all the light fixtures and even dusting the ceiling. Make sure to get the professional deep clean done for the entire home; as despite your attempts, it’s nearly impossible to stop the dust and garbage coming into your home entirely.


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