How to Maintain the Absorbent and Fluffiness of Bamboo Baby Towels

Babies have sensitive skin. That’s why it is essential to check every item that you use to your baby, especially those that come in contact with their skin. Unlike adults, where you have strong immunity to allergies, babies have delicate skin. So if you are looking for a type of fabric, where your baby’s skin will be safe, you should opt for bamboo.

Bamboo fabrics are made from natural plant fibre of bamboo and are found to be as soft as cotton and linen. Compared to cotton and linen, it can effectively absorb more water. Plus, the fact that it is super smooth and quick to dry. So if you are looking for this kind of fabric, you can find it on bamboo baby towels. To maintain the absorbent and fluffiness of your baby towels, there are ways on how to do it. These are:

Wash Your New Bamboo Baby Towel with Hot Water before Using

Before using the baby towels, it is best to wash it first with hot water. It could help in removing any dirt left behind after its manufacturing process. To ensure that there’ll be no after smell, adding white vinegar to wash water is highly recommended.

Do Not Use Fabric Softener on Bamboo Towels

If you think that fabric softener can make your bamboo baby towel soft, you’d think it wrong. Fabric softeners would only coat the sheets with chemicals that could be harmful to your baby. Keep in mind that your baby put anything in their mouth, even towels, so, imagine how much chemicals that your baby might ingest from sucking the sheet or have it used to wipe their mouth and body. When you use a Mi Baloo Australia bamboo towel for your baby, you no longer need to use a fabric softener. It is already soft.

Air Dry Your Bamboo Towels

To maintain the fluffiness of your baby towels, it is best to air dry it first before you pop it to the dryer. What this technique helps keep, is the absorbency of the sheets, especially during cold weather. However, if you will not use a dryer, line drying is recommended to maintain the softness of the towel.

Keep the Bamboo Baby Towels from Coming In Contact With Hot Materials

When you iron your towel, it only makes the fibres to go flat. Hence, it prevents the sheet from absorbing any liquid effectively. If ironing is necessary, you should place the iron in low heat setting — the same thing when storing your baby towels. You should not save it to places where there’s extreme temperature as this will destroy the fibres of the sheets.

These are some of the practical ways of maintaining the absorbency and the fluffiness of your baby towel. It is an important reminder to prolong the use of your baby towels, mainly that your kids will use it. Even if you’re an adult and loves bamboo towels, the way above is applicable in taking care of your sheets. That is to ensure that whenever you use to wipe it to your skin, there’ll be no adverse effect like skin irritation.


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