How To Keep Your Company Clean And Organized At All Times

If you’re tired of how cluttered your company or office looks, then it is time you did something about it. Here are a few basic things that you can do.

Be Realistic And Hire Professionals For The Cleaning

Let’s be realistic. Your employees are already really busy handling their work tasks to be able to handle cleaning the office once they’re done working as well. So no matter how much it feels like you are economizing and saving money, asking employees to clean up after themselves is never a good idea. Always hire a professional cleaning agency or hire cleaning staff to do this task. Remember to ask them to deep clean at least once in 2 months.

Make Wearing Identical Work Wear Mandatory

Riots of colors and designs can easily make any space look cluttered and messed up. This is true even in the case of your employees’ clothing. You must either recommend that they wear a uniform to work or that they wear the same color of clothing every day of the week. For example, All uniformshave to be neatly pressed and clean. It is also best if they avoid “personalizing” said uniforms.

Reduce The Number Of Things Cluttering Up Common Spaces

There’s always a stray few things loitering around the common areas used by your employees. Umbrellas without owners, slightly damaged (yet useable) chairs, flash drives, pens, unwashed coffee cups, chargers and wires. These are all things that are commonly found, yet almost never dealt with. Make sure your cleaning staff not only gets rid of the clutter but also stores it somewhere safely (in the case of charger wires or flash drives), so that the owners may find it later on.

Ask Employees To Tackle Their Personal Clutter

While cleaning staff may be able to clean the general areas with ease, personal cubical and desks are harder to do without causing havoc. To reduce the chaos, ask employees to clear up their work space at the end of each workday. Not only will this reduce the clutter, but they will also be more efficient in their work the next day.

Have A Rule About The Number Of Personal Belongings Employees Can Keep

While it’s true that you cannot completelyban personal belongings in your work premise without sounding like a heartless person, it’s also true that you can have control of how much they bring in. Have a limit for the number of pictures they can put up, the number of sticky notes that can be pasted around the space they work (or a duration), the number of certificates they’d have on display etc. It’s also vital that you provide each employee with a waste paper basket (as opposed to having a few common baskets for the whole office).

Discourage Eating At The Desk

Strictly discourage eating at the desk. It not only makes a mess of the desk, spillovers can cause damage on laptops and documents, as well as the fact that it will definitely leave a lingering smell even after the food is long gone. It also discourages you from moving around during their break¾which is something vital in order to be more productive.


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