How to Encourage Trust in the Workplace

Trust is an essential part of every company. It is hard to earn but definitely pays off once you’ve earned it. Companies with employers and employees trusting each other become successful quickly because they people work together for a common goal instead of competing.

Trust can never be faked and you won’t even know it’s there until you already trust that person. On the contrary, no matter how hard it is to earn trust, it’s hard to earn back once you’ve broken it. Here are some proven and tested ways to build trust within the people in your company.

Show That You Trust Them

One of the main reasons why some employees don’t trust their co-workers or their superior is when they don’t feel that you trust them. Encouraging and believing in the things that they can do is one way to show others that you trust them. Another is to be forgiving when someone made a mistake and teach them how to do it right. By doing so, you haven’t just motivated a person but also push the company towards success. At Collective IQ, we only use evidence-based trust-building methods and tailor them to fit your company’s needs.

Show That You Care

Showing other people that you care for them is another great way to build trust in a company. If you’re the employer, you can care for your employees by giving value to what they say and making them feel that they are working with the right people. Giving your employees a sense accountability and responsibility in whatever they do simply shows how much you trust them. When they feel that you trust them, they also trust you in return and become more productive at the workplace.

Address Issues Directly

Unresolved issues or conflicts affect the relationship of people in a workplace. To build better relationships between everyone, make sure to resolve issues as soon as possible. Don’t let it drag on for too long because it will only make things worse the longer it is left unresolved.

Always Be True

One of the simplest things you can do to build trust is to always tell the truth. This is not only applicable to the workplace but on every interpersonal relationship you have. Don’t ever think of lying just because you thought that person can’t handle the truth. It is always better to tell the truth, whether it is bitter or not, rather than being caught up in a lie. Once people caught you lying, it is hard to earn their trust back again. Also, make sure to keep your promises at all times so always be realistic when making any promise.

Respect Other People’s Time

Always be aware and respect other people’s time when dealing with them. One way to do this is to promptly reply to emails, calls or messages making sure you respond well. Another is by being on time on meetings and other gatherings.

Being trusted by others is one of the best experiences you could have. When everyone in the workplace trusts each other, that company is surely bound to succeed.


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