How to Create a Productive Working Space?

The main driving force behind any company is its employees. By motivating your employees to the fullest of your capability, you’re ensuring that your performance rate is at its peak. This is why there are so many studies on how to best satisfy working individuals and a lot of them focuses on the employee’s very own working environment. Here are some ways you can make the best of your office space to reach maximum productivity within your company.

Visual Appeal

Let’s face it. You need to draw your employees in with how visually appealing the space is. From the sliding doors Perth at the reception to the well maintained potted plants and spotless walls, your office space needs to look attractive. No employee would want to work in a shabby, dusty environment so your first step would be to invest in increasing that visual appeal. Your goal should be a minimalistic visual- professional, to the point and sleek. So by no means should you skimp on your décor and spacing arrangements.

Natural Light

You need to completely eliminate any dark spots in your space. Good lighting does far more than improve your vision. Studies have shown that it significantly impacts a person’s mood and lifts their spirits as well! The most ideal space would make maximum use of natural sunlight during the day time but will also be well lit at night as well.


Your employee will be working in this space for hours at a time. At the very least they need to be comfortable. You need to invest in sturdy yet cushioned chairs that are great at supporting an employee’s back. The chairs should also be adjustable so each employee can change it according to their comfort. Keeping small potted plants in certain areas of the office also helps make the space more airy and less stifled.


Make sure each workstation and department has a place for all essentials. Clutter can include any paperwork, writing pads, pens, old files etc. that are taking up work space instead of being stored away. The ideal workspace would have storage for all these items and you need to appoint someone who can make sure all employees adhere to the no-clutter rule. Once they invest in a cleanly routine, they will be able to work better.


Different colours are said to have different effects on the human mind. For example, green and blue are associated with being more calming. Yellow is cheery. Essentially when painting your office space, you’d want to avoid darker colours. Also remember not to use a single colour palette as well but mix and match your colour combinations with pleasant shades that are easy on the eyes.


Finally, you need to be well attuned to what temperature is best for your office space. Too cold and your employees will be uncomfortable, too hot and they will get frustrated. Ideally you’d aim for a temperature of 23 to 25-degree centigrade, which is the norm in most office spaces.

By combining these steps you’d undoubtedly be able to create the most productive working space for your employees.


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