How to Avoid the Potholes of Running a Day Care of Your Own?

Like any business, running a child care centre can be pretty tricky. Here are a few common “potholes” in the road to success, and how to avoid them.

Know What You’re Doing¾Even If You Have No Plan of Teaching

So you want to run a day care centre. Most people would say it has nothing to do with a child’s education, and would ignore the suggestions for getting familiar with early childhood education. This is one of the biggest potholes you may face, as unlike babysitting, some parents might actually expect you to help children out when it comes to their homework or even other things like potty training. Educating yourself and being prepared for it is one of the simplest solutions for it. There are plenty of diploma courses available nowadays for this purpose. Some of them can even be done online, in the convenience of your own home.

Make Sure Everything Is Legal

If you are familiar with the act of babysitting a niece or a nephew, or even a neighbour’s child, you will know for sure that you don’t actually need a license to do it, even if they are paying you for it. However, since running a child care centre actually falls into the category of running a business, you will need to make sure to acquire a license that gives you legal permission to proceed with your plans. Each country has different requirements, so research about your country’s requirements for acquiring a license.

Know Your Way around Taxes and the Going Rates

Like the above mentioned license, some other things you’ll need to familiarize yourself with will be taxpaying and the going rates at child care centres. Getting to know the going rates is pretty important, so that you do not end up under-charging your potential clients (inevitably causing losses for yourself); or overcharge them (which may result in them opting for another centre that asks less of them). As for paying the taxes, this is an obligation you will have to face, now that you’re running a business of your own.

Get Familiar with the Quality Improvement Plan

Many countries have a certain standard when it comes to early childhood educating and early childhood care. This not only protects the children, but you and your centre as well. This being said, look into a few family day care QIP template so you can make sure what is required of you and your centre. Remember that if you don’t meet the standard, not only will you not get a lot of happy parents; the government can also choose to shut you down.

Put out the Word That You’re In Business

Advertising is important in any business; even the one you’ve chosen to embark on. Once you feel you are ready, do your best to start advertising as soon as possible. Make use of modern technology and advise on social media platforms popular with young parents. Don’t ever underestimate the power of word-of-mouth; something actually considered a primary means of advertising in this field. If existing clients/parents tell you about how pleased they are with your service, they will recommend you to friends and family. Always thank them if you’ve received new clients through them.


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