Expert Juicing Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Homemade Natural Juices

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Goodbye crunching, chewing and cooking fruits and veggies. Hello, juicing! It is currently one of the most popular choices in getting fit and healthy. This is so trendy nowadays because a lot of people want to eat right but hate the thought of eating bitter veggies. Extracting their natural essence trough juicing allows one to mix and match a variety of fruits and vegetables to get the desired taste without losing the essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, you can upgrade your extracted juices into frozen delights. Now, who wouldn’t be engaged with that. Though you do have to keep in mind that juicing is not as simple as squeezing the produce until it secretes liquid. Juicing has a delicate process to it. And you need to follow these 5 important steps so that you can get the most out of your homemade natural juices.

Clean Out and In

As they say, you are what you eat. So in order to make sure that what you are drinking in is all good and healthy, you need to make sure that they are clean and in good condition. So, see to it that before you put your fruits and veggies of your choice in your juicer, make sure to wash them properly and thoroughly. Use, of course, clean water. For some produce, they might require being soaked in water for quite a bit to make sure that they are free from any foreign bodies.

Read the Small Letters

The majority out there don’t know this. And that’s because they find it time consuming and a bit boring to read the instructions printed in small letters saying how to use their juicer. Most think it is as easy as putting all the ingredients in and then pressing a button. It is not. Every machine, every juicer is different. So, you need to read and follow the manufacturer’s guides and suggestions on how to properly use the machine.

Delicate First

The rule of thumb in juicing, if you are planning on a hodgepodge of fruits and veggies, is to always add and juice the delicate and soft ones first. These includes herbs and those leafy greens, along with tomatoes and berries, just to give examples.

Last with what’s Hard

The last fruits and veggies to add in your mix should be the hard ones like celery, pears and apples. The idea here is to start with what’s easy and end with what’s not. In that manner, you are able to get nearer to the end of juicing because you started with the soft ones, and then, not worry that you are having a hard time during the juicing of the hard ones since they are the last on the list. You can add in coconut water to soften hard ingredients up to make it easier when juicing.

Have It All at Once

Like all produce, these have a limited shelf life. So, it is best to drink the juice then and there so as to absorb the freshness. But if you plan on drinking it later, just make sure you place it in the fridge and freeze it.

A big good luck to you and your efforts on staying healthy.


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