Everything You Need To Know About Car Detailing

Maintaining your car is not just about filling up fuel, changing fluids and oil or undergoing repairs when it’s due. It’s also about detailing- cleaning it so that you remove all possibilities of corroding and damage. Besides, driving a glossy, spotless car has perks in itself so here’s everything you need to know on car detailing that will give you that look in no time.

Handwash Your Exterior

Professionals often wash cars by hand rather than through an automatic carwash. Why? Because the automatic process has brushes that can leave small scratches that tend to dull the appearance of your car. Nothing beats a good handwashing session. You can start with using warm water and car washing detergent to rinse your car. Use a wash mitt to scrub each panel thoroughly and get all the dirt out of them. Once you’re done you can thoroughly rinse with your hose and then wipe down using a microfiber cloth.

Clean The Glass

Spray the glass, preferably with a foaming glass cleaner, to break down any bug residue amongst other dirt and wipe down with a microfiber cloth. If you want to avoid this spray settling all over your interior, a simple solution would be to spray onto your clothe first and then wipe the windows down.

Loose Items

A cluttered car is the worst possible situation you can find yourself in. Remove everything that doesn’t belong and either put them back in their place or dispose of them. This is the first step you’re going to have to take to get a spotless interior.


Vacuum everything- from your mats to your seats so you can get the dirt out of every nook and cranny your car has. If there are stains you’re seeing too, don’t forget to vacuum once again when you’re done with the cleaner.

Use Cleaners

There are car detailing products for every material and surface so keep your eyes peeled. For example, for upholstery or carpets, you get steam cleaners that produce the cleanest results. For leather surfaces, you’ll want to stick to a leather conditioner- preferably with aloe so you can get that shine and flexibility back in your leather.

Plastic Trims

In the midst of everything, don’t forget these vital parts. Clean your center console and cup holders etc. with a clean damp cloth. If it gets dirty, rinse it because it’ll just leave streaks in your car otherwise.

Clean Your Wheels

To finish off, pay some much-needed attention to your wheels. Spray wheel cleaner directly on to your rims and rinse after a few minutes, then wipe down with a separate cloth. One important thing you need to remember is that some alloy wheel cleaners can damage your car by causing discolour or pitting on chrome wheels. Your best bet is an acid-free cleaner to ensure there is no premature aging or cracking of the rubber.

Detailing your car can take several hours if you really get into it but the end result is more than worth it.  It’s also a great chance to understand where you’ve been neglecting your car as well as when repairs and maintenance are due.


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