Choosing Sanitation Facilities For Your Next Camping Trip

Holiday breaks are almost upon us and those fortunate enough not to live in an icebox, time off from school or work is also an opportunity to spend some time in the wild. Numerous fun activities could be enjoyed by family and friends on campgrounds that are also beneficial to one’s health such ashiking, breathing in fresh air, soaking up some Vitamin D and less stress from the daily grind of city life. Nevertheless, not all are a fan of camping because of one obvious reason: the hassle ofneeding somewhere to “go”. Fortunately, the development of portable sanitation facilities has made it easier for campers to enjoy the open air.

Below are the following reasons why you should opt to rent an outdoor toilet for your next camping trip. You already gave up on Netflix, no need to give up being comfortable going no. 1 (or no. 2).

For Sanitary Purposes

This is perhaps the topmost reason why people are discouraged to go camping. Having a place to do your “private business” will ensure that the possibility of unsightly and smelly messes is minimized. Sanitation facilities are also now available with hand-washing stations and a working flush that could satisfy even the most germaphobe camper.These facilities are also easy to clean up, making it one less thing for you to worry about.

ForYour Privacy

No one wants to be caught in an embarrassing situation aka having their pants down. Everything that is happening behind closed doors is solely your business. So why skimp on having portable toilets during your camping with pals? You go camping to unwind and to de-stress, to enjoy communing with nature and roasting marshmallows by a campfire. No need to feel anxious by searching for a clearing behind tall bushes to relieve yourself.

For The Environment

Ever been to campsites and feeling disappointed since it is obvious previous campers have already taken advantage of the area? Discarded packets of instant food everywhere, bottles and cans thrown all over the place, grasses trampled, and the stench of human waste hung thick in the air. First-time campers will not be put off with camping anymore since portable loos with nausea inducing chemical odors are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, numerous campsites require handy toilets use only environmentally friendly chemicals and solutions that could breakdown waste with only a little amount of water.

For Health Reasons

Spending time outdoors is a way to improve one’s physical and mental health but if you go camping and there are no places for you to pee, this will pose a threat to your urinary system. Not having any sink to wash hands after “going” or doing any grimy camping activities could also be the cause of several sickness and diseases.

Renting a portable washroom could make a camping trip more memorable since everyone was able to enjoy and not worried about hygiene. Having a well ventilated and sanitary facility will also make everyone feel at home even in the middle of a lush forest or in the heart of the wilderness.


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