Avoiding Plastic and Still Getting the Best for Your Packing Needs

As the whole world is now trying to make all the right eco-friendly choices in their lives, right from their coffee mug all the way to the straw; getting rid of plastic and avoiding the production of it has also become a major thing that people are now focused on. It is quite obviously understandable as production of plastic itself has a very large carbon foot print, let alone the fact that its non-biodegradable aspect makes it a very persistent and a difficult product to get rid of. Plastic was once the centre of attention for everything; every corner you turn you find any and all products made of plastic, mainly because it costs so less than most other products, however the effects of using plastic in every aspect of our lives were not known till much later, and by this time, people had become all too dependent on it and removing it out of our lives in an industrial level was quite difficult.

However, with time, people began to better understand the ramifications if their actions in overusing plastic which becomes a major contributor in increasing the global carbon footprint which in turn affects global warming: a catastrophic event known to all, and so necessary action was taken to remedy this overuse and over production of plastic by simply reducing its use or much rather cutting its use off completely. Now if you are in a place like a warehouse for instance, then you know how much of plastic is used to make the crates and pallets, here’s how you could reduce the carbon footprint by changing to alternate solutions:

Opt For Timber Crates As Opposed To Plastic Ones

The most abundantly found items in a warehouse are the crates and pallets and generally these are made of plastic, so naturally if these were swapped out for say, timber-made crates from safe pack or any other reliable provider, you would be contributing a great deal to make everything plastic-free and ecofriendly. Of course, getting rid of everything is a bit of a tedious task that might actually end up costing you a bit but think of it this way, the added benefits if switching to a material as strong as timber far outweighs the cost of switching everything around.  You may only have to bare the initial cost of having to switch but if you think about it, the actual cost of timber made crates relative to synthetically made crates are actually quite lower because of the cheaper cost in the raw materials used to produce these crates.

The Materials You Are Transporting Will Be Safer

Another very important reason for you to choose timber crates is that your products – whatever you are shipping from your warehouse – will definitely be much safer than if they were transported via plastic crates. The reason for this is that timber is a poor conductor of heat and will not melt or dis form in anyway if for some instance the crate is exposed to a heat source, this way you can be guaranteed that you items will be protected.


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