5 Tips to Make Your Office More Pleasant For Your Employees

If your aim is to make your place of work a more pleasant place to work from for you and your employees, then the 5 tips below will be of immense use to you.


Learn To Be More Lenient With Them

No matter how luxurious you manage to make your office appear, if you are too tough on them, and if you generally radiate an air of unrest, chances are that they are going to find it hard to truly get comfortable in the office with you around. This will definitely have an impact on their productivity, as well as the results of their tasks. Learn to relax and be more lenient on them. Be professional about how you treat your employees; praising them in public, reprimanding them in private.

Encourage Socializing and Taking Breaks¾at Reasonable Intervals

Humans are social creatures. It is important for us to make relationships and socialize in order to be happy and be truly be comfortable. Since your employees are stuck in a building with their co-workers for hours, encourage them to socialize within the office. Have a coffee machine in the break room; encourage them to use it in between tasks. Let them know that as far as they don’t take advantage of their freedom to socialize and finish their assigned tasks, you will not be strict on their socializing.


Keep the Space Spotless and Neat

No one likes to live or work in a tight, cramped up space that is messed up and untidy. In fact, most people naturally feel down when in a space like such. It even has an impact on their productivity. This applies to any space; regardless of whether it’s their home or their office cubical. Make cleanliness and neatness a priority in your office. Encourage your employees to clear up their desktop at the end of each day. Don’t allow eating or drinking at the desk, as this too increases clutter. At the same time, it’s best if you hire the best service for office cleaning in Melbourne to emphasize this cleanliness further.


Increase the Natural and Artificial Lighting of the Entire Building

Like the cleanliness of a space, even the light present can have an impact when it comes to making a place more pleasant to its occupants. If your place of work gets sufficient natural light, simply make arrangements so that it be spread around a bit more¾perhaps using mirrors as part of your office décor. Not using blinds and choosing instead to use light curtains for your building can help with drawing in the sunlight. Remember to make sure your furniture is not obstructing the light coming in through the windows.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Building

When it comes to office décor, most people falsely believe that in order for their building to look “professional”, they need to keep the colours and the décor very bland. This only results in your entire office looking and feeling boring¾especially to those who are in it for the most part of the day. Add a pop of colour to your building via the curtains, wall art and even the office partitions. This will naturally make your building a more pleasant place to be in.



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