4 Tips for Becoming A Successful Facilities Manager

It isn’t easy being a manager of facilities as it contains a huge amount of responsibility. Basically, your job is to take care of all the resources that a business owns and strategize how they can be best used to help the company achieve its goals.

Resources don’t just involve things like floor space, office equipment and utilities. They also include all of the employees that work for a company as well.

If you’re aiming for a job in facilities management, don’t let the job description daunt you. With the tips we’ve compiled in this article, you should be able to tackle each responsibility with relative ease:

Review the Terms of Lease

It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing an office space, studio, warehouse or a storage space, you need to know whether it is owned or lease by the company. If it is the latter, then you should make it a priority to learn all the main points in the contract. This includes items like period of lease, rates, dates of cancellation and options to cancel. Of course, it isn’t just the lease on the office space you have to know about. You also have to be familiar with the contracts for the equipment used.

Something that’s very important to know is the conditions of lease. As a manager who is responsible for oversight on resources, you should be well aware of what kind of usage violates the terms of the contract. This knowledge can end up saving the company a lot of money in the long run.

Make Safety and Security a Priority

As a facilities manager you should be well aware of how to make a working environment safe and secure. If the company is buying a new office space, you should have it thoroughly examined for things like fire safety and health violations. If there are any serious problems, those should be addressed right away.

If there’s anything lacking in terms of security, then you need to tend to that immediately. This is particularly important if the space is a warehouse where a large number of valuable goods are stored.

Have a Good Understanding of the Budget?

As a facilities manager, you’re expected to save the company money. You are tasked with findings ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. You can’t do this if you keep going over the budget or don’t know how it is distributed. Therefore, it’s always best to maintain strong correspondence with the finance department about what the budget allows and restricts.

Sharpen your Communication Skills

As a facilities manager, you’ll be responsible for taking care of resources that all departments share such as floor space, heating, lighting…etc. As a result, you’ll most likely have to communicate with a variety of different people on a daily basis. In addition, you’ll also have to speak with third parties such as maintenance crews as well.

Being a facilities manager isn’t at all easy. You’re responsible for overseeing all company resources and making sure that they’re used efficiently and are ‘up to code’. Once you practice these four tips, you’ll definitely be able to perform your job much better.


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