4 Things to Consider When Letting Out Your Property for the Summer

Are you considering converting your home into a summer let? If so, here are 4 things to consider about it before you do.

You Might Be Underestimating How Much Work It Actually Is

Renting out your house as a summer home is actually a lot more work than you think. Above everything else, you need to make sure your home is in perfect condition at all times. You will have to negotiate rental fees with your clients/renters. You will have to make sure your fridges and pantry cabinets are well stocked before their arrival. You might have to arrange for transport (especially if you happen to be at a distance from the main road). You will also have to advertise your property often, making sure you have enough visitors per year to help you deal better with the maintenance costs. Of course, if you opt for something like Airbnb management services your life will be much easier.

You May Not Have the House to Use Whenever You Please

What is the house currently been used for? Is it your own summer home? Is it the house or apartment that you stay in when you come home for the holidays? Is it a place your kids often take their friends down to? Is it a house which was left for you by your parents?

Regardless of what it may have been used for, you will have to understand before you give the house to rent that, unless you plan it out perfectly, there are going to be times in which you might want to use the house for your own private reasons, but it may be booked for rent. In a moment like this, your client will have to be given priority; as you don’t want to create a bad reputation for yourself.

You Might Have To Do A Few Renovations before Renting It Out

Let’s put it this way; no one likes to spend their holiday in an old fashioned house that is barely maintained. What anyone would be expected of a holiday home is cleanliness, updated appliances, comfort and a serene stay. For this, you might have to do up your home a little. Get a professional opinion about what needs to be done to make your home more visitor-friendly. Start with the small things, like the bathroom fixtures and shower stall. Most people hate shower curtains, and much prefer the see-through glass stalls. This is something that is suitable even for small bathrooms. Try to make your home appear roomier than it is by creating the illusion of space.

You Might Have To Face A Little Property Damage

Not all your guests are going to be considerate and polite. Rudeness is something you must expect and accept (to a certain degree). Unless you hold them responsible (through a monetary way), you might find that your long-term renters are actually not as careful as they should be about your property. To be on the safe side, be strict about your policies regarding wild parties and visitors as well.


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