What Makes A Bath Loofah The Ultimate Bathing Accessory

What Makes A Bath Loofah The Ultimate Bathing Accessory article image by Dreams Bath Soul

Nothing beats a relaxing time on a bathtub with your favorite scented shower gel, fragrant bath bomb, and an exfoliating loofah on hand. The ultimate bathing experience is when you can combine luxurious chill and efficient body cleaning at one go. This is where bath loofah comes in. It features so many benefits that artificial scrubbers and sponges simply fail to deliver.

Find out more about the wellness wonders of loofah below!

  • Clean your body in the most efficient way possible

A body loofah is made from the luffa plant, a type of gourd that features mildly abrasive fibers that cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Unlike bath sponges, an exfoliating loofah boasts a network of dried fibers that is less dense, but is guaranteed to remove more dirt and dead skin cells. The gentle scrubbing motions effectively clean out disease-causing bacteria, pollutants, dirt, and dust   that may have entered the pores as well.

  • Soft skin like no other

A bath loofah exfoliates the skin without making it dry, dull, and rough. Since the body loofah is sourced from a plant, it contains natural compounds that keep the skin supple and soft. You can use an exfoliating loofah daily or as often as you desire without having to worry about abrasions and cuts on the skin.

  • Enhanced blood circulation

One less popular benefit of using a loofah on a stick is that it can help improve blood flow.  A loofah on a stick is an invaluable bathing tool as it facilitates cleansing and exfoliation in hard to reach areas of the body. Using a standard bath loofah is good, but what about the back and buttocks region? A loofah on a stick cleaning in a gentle circulation motion enhances blood flow, making your skin healthy and glowing.